Star Code Starbucks - How To Redeem Your Starbucks Rewards

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

You're checking this post out because you want star codes for Starbucks, how do you get your codes and redeem them? Basically what happens is whenever you become a member of Starbucks.

If you have not done that yet just go to and become a member, sign up, put in your name, your email address, and you become a member of Starla Starbucks. They're going to send you newsletters and discounts and awesome stuff that you will get in your email from Starbucks so that you can get like I said discounts on your coffee, find out what's going on with Starbucks.

But now you want to redeem your star code for Starbucks, how do you do that? You go to Starbucks.comporn/promo/NFL-stars, all you have to do is scroll down after this post, and click the link, and then you'll be able to put in your code. Now what you do is they emailed you the coats, and you get to put in two codes every single day. If you have a bunch of codes to put in, the next day put in another two, and you can start building up your star, cut your star points.

Now what you do is you go to this website, you'll come right here, you'll see the same thing, redeem your star code, you'll scroll down, and you'll put in the code that they sent you in the email. Once you put in that code, hit submit, and your points, your Starbucks rewards will be added to your account, just like they say right in here within 24 hours your star or your bonus star will be loaded into your Starbucks rewards.

Now if you have more than one, all you have to do is come back to this page, put in your next one, and then hit submit, and you've got your two for the day. If you have more than two, just come back the next day and just repeat the process. It's that simple, and you will be able to have your Starbucks rewards added to your account.

I want to share with you a way that you can actually get some free samples, I know Starbucks is expensive, and to go out, and just buy a bunch of different coffees to try it can cost a lot of money, so they actually have sample packs that you can get at no cost.

If that's something of interest all you have to do is put in your information to where they're going to ship it, and they actually ship that to you, so that you can try different types of coffee, and you can come in and you can buy more from Starbucks, so that's their marketing plan.

They're going to give you some free samples, you can check it out, you've got something for the Keurig, you've got some, that is just regular ground that you can make coffee with. There are all types of stuff inside the sample, be sure to check that out as well, all you have to do like I said is just show more they want, show more you want them to send it. I hope this has been helpful, I hope you can redeem your codes very quickly.