How To Load A Starbucks Gift Card Starbucks App Tutorial 2017

By Gavin | October 22, 2018

I just realized I'm wearing Victoria's Secret to do a tutorial on the Starbucks app, basicness achieved, I am really excited this is the first post I am shooting in my new office space, this space is very much still under construction, but in the beginning b-roll I share it a little bit with you, I will have an office tour once this is all done. I want to put a couple more pictures around here, but I like having my cork board with a month and then letters, like having my candle and my little fake plants, because I don't have to water them, and then just some other things around here, that will get to picture from when I was very poppy, there's a lot of feeder stuff going on, but it will also have a new computer when this all happened, but regardless I wanted to try filming here a couple times before the official tour.

Today's post is dedicated to these fearless Starbucks barista, they handle a plethora of questions every day, I have never personally been once like cannot give a comment on it, I am only a spectator that sees it when they're in the Starbucks store, but one of the things I have noticed, our people are asking the baristas how to put their gift cards on their phone, and recently I was out of Starbucks, and a woman, the car, the line and there was a lot of people behind her, but she asked the barista how to put her gift cards on her phone, and he was completely kind no knocking Starbucks baristas, they are wonderful, he was so kind because the line of people waiting, he explained to her how to do it, let her do it, didn't down to her, it was wonderful, and then when we got to the front of the line, he explained that he gets this question all the time, therefore I'm going to getting this post on how to add your Starbucks gift card to your phone, and how to transfer money, and gifts back and forth via your app to all the Starbucks baristas out there, fighting the good fight now.

In order to do this, I'm going to speech my chair to my right and share my screen with you, you are now viewing my home screen, which you will see to my left complete your rights, if you look down third row, first icon you see the Starbucks logo, CT tool, go ahead and click that app or tap that app as they say, and then your screen should look something like this, if you look at the very top, you see where it says pay, stores, gift order and music, if you would like to add a Starbucks gift card, go ahead and press Pay, first icon from there, you will see how much you have on your balance, how many stars you need to your next free point at the bottom, you'll see pay reload and manage, click manage, if you have a gift card as a very bottom of manage, you see it says add Starbucks gift card, go ahead and click that, now you will see where they're asking for, two sets of numbers, the first set is the 16 digits at the top of your card, that say your Starbucks card number is, there are 16 digits, go ahead and click them, and then if you have not already done, so there will be a little bit of plastic or tape on top of the eight digits, after that button, peel that off if you have not already done, so that eight digit code goes on the bottom line below the 16 digit code, type that in, once that is all done, you have the sixteen digits on the top and the eight digit code on the bottom, click at the very top right hand side, it says add click, and then from there you will see your exact Starbucks gift card at the top of your app, payment plan, it actually matches the exact one which i think is super cold, and then from there if you want to manage it or add it to your primary card, you have the option to do that as well, also under the manage I recommend putting all of your Starbucks gift cards onto one primary cards, that way you're not confused as to what card has how much on it, from there you can click Pay to go back to your main screen, or you can just exit the app, easy. that is how you add your gift card to your Starbucks apps.

There's more you can also send Starbucks gifts to your friends, like for example. on my birthday. my sister always sends me a Starbucks gift card. because we live in different cities. it's just kind of her way of saying "Hey, I don't come your birthday, happy birthday. go get some coffee." To do that, go back to your home screen, click gift, then you see a plethora of different options, we're going to choose this one's for you, that's pretty good, and then you can type in your recipients, your message, she doesn't know I'm sending this to her, so if she gives me a response before I post it, I will link her response right at Sun KT, so I said my sister five dollars, the minimum is five, and I think the max is fifty for these little gift cards, and I like that, you don't need to tell them you can expend it as a surprise, anyway, that is all for today's post.

I just want to share with you how you can take your gift card and add this amount to the app, and how easy it is to send gifts to your friends, who also have the app as well, hope this post helpful.